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The Riddell Award continues the Cruikshank Medals (which see). From 1980-1987 it was awarded to the best article(s) published in Ontario History. Since 1988 it has been given for the best article, published in a journal or in a book, on Ontario's history. There is a framed certificate.

Sponsor/Organisme responsable:
Ontario Historical Society
Address/Adresse: 34 Parkview Avenue
Willowdale, ON
M2N 3Y2

Phone/Téléphone: 416-226-9011
Fax/Télécopieur: 416-226-2740
Jurisdiction/Champ d’application:

Genre/Genre: Essay/Essai,

Year/Année Author/Auteur Winning work/Oeuvre primée
1980 Bruce Trigger Sixteenth Century Ontario (Ontario History, December1979)
1981 Colin Read The London District Oligarchy in the Rebellion Era (Ontario History, December1980)
1982 Ged Martin Sir Francis Bond Head (Ontario History, September1981)
1983 Donald Swainson Chronicling Kingston (Ontario History, December 1982)
1983 Bruce Trigger Indians and Ontario History (Ontario History, December 1982)
1984 Elizabeth Bloomfield Building the City on a Foundation of Factories (Ontario History, September 1983)
1985 Christopher Moore The Disposition to Settle (Ontario History, December 1984)
1986 Gilbert Stelter Guelph and the Early Canadian Town Planning Tradition (Ontario History, June 1985)
1987 J. Weaver Crime, Public Order and Repression (Ontario History, September 1986)
1988 Joy Parr The Skilled Emigrant and Her Kin (Canadian Historical Review, December 1987)
1989 Peter Oliver A Terror to Evil-Doers (in Patterns of the Past)
1990 Janice Potter Patriarchy and Paternalism (Ontario History, March 1989)
1991 Helen Lenskyj Training for 'True Womanhood' (Historical Studies in Education, Fall 1990)
1992 Chad Gaffield Children, Schooling, and Family Reproduction in Nineteenth Century Ontario (Canadian Historical Review, June 1991)
1993 Barry Wright Sedition in Upper Canada (Labour/Le Travail, Spring 1992)
1994 Joan Sangster The Softball Solution (Labour/Le Travail, Fall 1993)
1995 Carol Wilton A Firebrand Amongst the People (Canadian Historical Review, September 1994)
1996 Leonard M. Dudley Space, Time, Number (Canadian Journal of Economics, November 1995)
1997 Jennifer Connor Thomsonian Medical Books and the Culture of Dissent in Upper Canada (Canadian Bulletin of Medical History, December 1995)
1998 Sally Cole Dear Ruth (in Great Dames)
1999 Mike O'Brien Manhood and the Militia Myth (Labour/Le Travail, Fall 1998)
2000 Helen Smith Beauty and the Helldivers (Labour/Le Travail, Fall 1999)
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