Okanagan Award


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Okanagan Short Story Award

The Canadian Authors Association offered a cash award to the authors of short stories selected for publication in each issue of the quarterly Canadian Author and its predecessor the Canadian Author & Bookman. The awards began with the October 1979 issue, but were not named the Okanagan Award until the May 1980 issue. They were also called the Okanagan Short Story Award. The winners are listed here in the order that the stories were published. There was a cash prize.

Sponsor/Organisme responsable:
Canadian Authors Association
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Genre/Genre: Short Story/Nouvelle,

Year/Année Author/Auteur Winning work/Oeuvre primée
1979 S. Birdsell The Children Are Crying
1980 Anne Marriott A Dream of Blood
1980 Gertrude Story Car of Maroon
1980 Anne Szumigalski Story
1980 Marisa De Monte The Providers
1981 Barbara Carey A Place in this House
1981 Dan Rikely Fulton House
1981 Adam Foros The Only Place on Earth
1982 Cyril Dabydeen At Your Own Peril
1982 Nora Robson Searching for the Blue Heron
1982 W. P. Kinsella The Bottle Queen
1982 Dorothy M. Martinson The Fox
1983 Sheldon Currie On parle par couer
1983 Barbara Carey On Summer Lawns
1983 Diane Schoemperlen The Gate
1983 David Sharpe The Reincarnation Pool
1984 J. J. Steinfeld Art Class
1984 Nora Robson Nada
1984 Gail Herbert Queen Substance
1984 Marisa De Franceschi Royal Blood
1985 Winona Kent Dietrich's Ash
1985 Matt Cohen Remember Me to London
1985 Doug Fetherling Romeo Music
1985 Veronica Ross The Last Day of the Circus
1986 W. P. Kinsella Butterfly Winter
1986 Robin Skelton Penny Wise
1986 Brian Fawcett The Fate of White-Tailed Deer
1986 Michael Bullock The Forest Pool
1987 Patrick Roscoe China
1987 Ann Charney Leaving
1987 Joan Givner The Trade
1987 David Andrus Walls
1988 Jennifer Mitton Coppertone
1988 Renato Trujillo Deus ex machina
1988 Rick Hillis Getting Raised
1988 Nora Robson The Transparent Soul
1989 Robyn Sarah A Minor Incident
1989 Ven Begamudré Honestly, As in the Day
1989 Yesim Ternar Spiritual Injuries
1989 Gerald Lynch The Chemical Valley
1990 W. D. Valgardson Hans
1990 Nora Robson In the Garden of Remembrance
1990 Leon Rooke Raleigh's Party in the New World
1990 J. J. Steinfeld The Debater
1991 Jennifer Footman Family Funeral
1991 Clare Braux In the Gardens of the Alhambra
1991 Patrick Lane It's Your Dog
1991 Keith Harrison Tennis at Popham Beach
1992 Gail Anderson-Dagartz Navel Gazing
1992 Judith Cowan Smoky Hills
1992 Shel Krakofsky The Minyan
1992 Dorothy Martinson The Rainy Season
1993 Jackie Manthorne A Vulture in the Nest
1993 John Degen It's Okay
1993 Susan Crawford The Angle of Refraction
1993 Marilyn Gear Pilling The Avian Eye
1994 Michele Serwatuk Gone Swimming
1994 Michael Winter Growing Old
1994 Barbara Parkin In Hiding
1994 Scott Mackay Reasons Unknown
1995 Ruth Latta A Farm near Manitou
1995 H. R. Percy A Legacy
1995 Kenneth J. Harvey Above the Movements of Night
1995 Rosalind Maki Living by the Sea
1996 Allison Dempsey Berry Hill
1996 Roma Quapp Creeping Thyme
1996 Cyril Dabydeen Nighthawk
1996 Marianne Paul Violation
1997 Mary Soderstrom Dialling Direct
1997 Susan Ioannou Final Meeting
1997 Mavis Jones Obsolete Terms
1997 Catherine Leggett Ruthie and the Big Blue Sky
1998 W. P. Kinsella Lonesome Polecat in Love
1998 Claire Mulligan Long Nights with Prosy
1998 Shelley A. Leedahl Night Out

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