Newfoundland and Labrador Arts and Letters Competition


Open to the residents of Newfoundland and Labrador, the aim of the awards is to stimulate creative activity. Awards are offered in literary, musical composition, and visual arts categories. Only the literary winners are given here. The categories at this time are: dramatic script, non-fictional prose, poetry, and short fiction. The Percy Janes First Novel Award commemorates the life and work of one of the province's most distinguished writers. There is a cash award in each category.

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Genre/Genre: Poetry / Poésie,

Year/Année Author/Auteur Winning work/Oeuvre primée
1954 Stella Whelan The Ballad of Mary March
1955 Leo E. F. English Ballad of Christopher Martin
1956 Leo E. F. English The Ballad of Sheila NaGeira
1957 Leo E. F. English Carson, the Liberator
1958 Marcus Hopkins The Ballad of Christopher Stride
1959 Leo E. F. English The Ballad of Dan Downey
1960 Leo E. F. English The Sound of Carbonear
1961 George Hoskins The Ballad of De-mas-do-weet (Demasduit)
1962 Leo E. F. English Holman of Ferryland
1963 George Hoskins Gill's Fight at Bonavista
1964 Leo E. F. English Old Labrador Fisherman
1965 Marcus Hopkins Jackman the Hero

David C. Saxon Humanitarian Essay Competition

Genre/Genre: Essay/Essai,

Year/Année Author/Auteur Winning work/Oeuvre primée
1981 Stephanie N. Squires The Promotion of World Peace and Harmony
1982 Ronald M. Newton The Promotion of World Peace and Harmony
1983 Karl S. Samuelson The Promotion of World Peace and Harmony
1984 Gordon Rowsell The Promotion of World Peace and Harmony
1985 Karl S. Samuelson The Promotion of World Peace and Harmony
1986 Ray Will The Promotion of World Peace and Harmony: There is No Where Else to Go
1987 Ray Will Slaves of Fear, Victims of Indifference
1988 ? ?
1989 Michael Hewson ?
1990 M. J. Langford The Promotion of World Peace and Harmony: Canada's Role?
1991 Calvin Coish The Promotion of World Peace and Harmony: Is World Peace Possible?
1992 ? ?
1993 M. John Mate Humanitarian Intervention: A Cautious Approach for the Politics of Peace in the 90's
1994 Brian James Toward Peace and Harmony in an Era of Global Capitalism
1995 Marlene Power The Need for New Perspectives on an Old Problem: The Dilemma of Ethnicity in International Relations
1996 ? ?
1997 Marie Morris The Promotion of World Peace and Harmony: Beyond the UN? Collective Security for the Twenty-First Century
1998 ? ?
1999 Marie Morris The Promotion of World Peace and Harmony: Is Economic Globalization a Guarantee of Global Co-operation
2000 ? ?

Dramatic Script

Genre/Genre: Drama/Théâtre,

Year/Année Author/Auteur Winning work/Oeuvre primée
1952 F. M. Kennedy ?
1953 Mrs. James Lind Mrs. Henderson's Tourists
1954 Paul O'Neill The Lie with Circumstance
1955 Muriel McKay Grandpa and the Writer
1956 Elizabeth Kerr Where the Heart Is
1957 Cassie Brown Adrift
1958 Marjorie Long A Modern Christmas Carol
1959 Cassie Brown A Man's Man
1960 John Holmes Return to the Stars
1961 Alphonsus Pittman This Life to Live
1962 Enid Clench Ironstone
1963 Enid Clench Her Own Surroundings
1964 Enid Clench If You Seek His Monument, Look Around You
1965 Grace Butt Winter Scene
1966 No Winner N/A
1967 Helen Porter Those People
1968 Paul O'Neill The Hush of the Starling
1969 Helen Porter On the Way Up
1970 Helen Porter The Cool One
1971 No Winner N/A
1972 Helen Porter Bus Ride
1973 Bernice Morgan A Responsible Relative
1974 Thomas Dawe From As Far As the Gull Flies
1975 Joan Horwood Lie to Me, My Lover
1976 Fabian M. Kennedy The Revolutionary
1977 No Winner N/A
1978 Mary E. Abu-Samah One of the Gang
1979 No Winner N/A
1980 No Winner N/A
1981 John S. Spencer Garge's Little Fling
1982 Doreen Ayre Regatta Day
1983 Michael McCarthy The Quidi Vidi Murder
1984 Ed Kavanagh Christine
1985 Bruce Stagg To Amuse by Arousing Thought
1986 D. J. Eastwood If Men Would Speak
1987 Robert Lodge My Own Place
1988 Kenneth J. Harvey Dying in Your Arms Again
1989 Lisa Moore The Rio Dulce
1990 Geraldine Rubia The Beauty of the Park
1991 Adrian Rodgers Years Ago
1992 Jim Maunder Forgotten Angel
1993 No Winner N/A
1994 William Wheaton Braindead
1995 Frank Holden Molly on the Shore
1996 William Wheaton Fly Low Baby
1997 Geraldine Rubia My Sister's Story
1998 Sara Tilley Signifying Nothing
1999 Justin Simms Ashore
2000 Michelle Butler-Hallett Peter's Accent

Newfoundland History

Genre/Genre: Essay/Essai,

Year/Année Author/Auteur Winning work/Oeuvre primée
1952 F. R. Rowe History of Denominational Education in Newfoundland
1953 John G. Higgins The Struggle for Responsible Government in Newfoundland
1954 M. O. Morgan Financial Affairs on the First Newfoundland Assembly
1955 Leo E. F. English First Constitutional Suspension
1956 Louise Whiteway Inception of the Newfoundland Dept. of Fisheries
1957 Brian J. Wadden The St. John's Electric Light Company
1958 Louise Whiteway Towards an Art of Architecture in Newfoundland
1959 Roberta Prowse Deer Lake
1960 Fred J. Newhook Newfoundland's Rejection of Confederation
1961 Fred J. Newhook The Confederation Movement in Newfoundland
1962 E. B. Foran Real Tories
1963 E. B. Foran The Controverted Elections and the Bank Crash of 1893-1894
1964 Harry Cuff Political Developments in Newfoundland During World War II
1965 F. Eugene Gattinger Agriculture in Newfoundland
1966 Louise Whiteway History of the Newfoundland Teachers' Association
1967 No Winner N/A
1968 No Winner N/A
1969 No Winner N/A
1970 J. W. McGrath James MacBraire
1971 Michael McCarthy History of St. Mary's Bay
1971 Ray W. Guy Muddy Hole
1972 No Winner N/A
1973 Michael McCarthy A History of Plaissance and Placentia
1974 Michael McCarthy The Irish in Newfoundland
1975 Ray W. Guy Wesleyan-Methodist-United Church
1976 Michael McCarthy Women in Newfoundland
1977 Ray W. Guy The Riot of 1932

Non-Fictional Prose (1980-1998, Essay)

Genre/Genre: Essay/Essai,

Year/Année Author/Auteur Winning work/Oeuvre primée
1980 Margaret Roiter Heirlooms and New Lives in New Found Lands
1981 Peggy Krachun For the Love of a Curl
1982 James G. Flynn The St. John's Academy
1983 Michael McCarthy The Letter
1984 Peggy Krachun Jeans
1985 Nellie Strowbridge The Wings of Azrael
1986 Peggy Krachun Job Hunting Blues
1987 Nellie Strowbridge My Album Full of Pictures
1988 ? ?
1989 Margaret B. Abbott Telling
1990 No Winner N/A
1991 Marie T. Wadden The Battle for Nitassinan
1992 Peter Gard Colin Macnee
1993 Peter Gard Sculpting the Garden
1994 Lillian Bouzane Making the Mount Cashel Poems
1995 Ed Kavanagh A Free and Feisty Beat
1996 Robin McGrath Cats and Dogs
1997 Debbie Brown Memory, Creation and the Plane Called Now
1998 Robin McGrath Half a Life
1999 Robin McGrath Castor Oil and Confederation
2000 Libby Creelman Goodbye, Cookie

Percy Janes First Novel Award

Genre/Genre: Novel/Roman,

Year/Année Author/Auteur Winning work/Oeuvre primée
2000 Tom Moore Ghost World

Poetry (1966-1973, split into Narrative Poetry and Non-Narrative Poetry: 1974- recombined into one category)

Genre/Genre: Poetry / Poésie,

Year/Année Author/Auteur Winning work/Oeuvre primée
1952 Harold Horwood The Song of the Return of the Sun
1953 F. M. Pratt The Lease
1954 M. P. Hooper Didymus on Saturday
1955 Lenore Pratt In Memoriam Kathleen Ferrien
1956 Christopher Pratt October is the Ocean's Spring
1957 Christopher Pratt How Soon the Day is White
1958 Paul West Disposal of Effects
1959 Paul West Dumb Couple on a Train
1960 Fred Davis Sunday Afternoon after Dinner
1961 Jean L. King Water Street
1962 Geraldine Chafe A Peacock Is a Paper Clip
1963 Paul O'Neill Still Life No. 1
1964 Paul O'Neill The Death in Dallas
1965 Paul O'Neill Let us Talk of Warsaw Street
1974 Mardi Bastow Old King
1975 Percy Janes Brief History
1976 Alastair Macdonald In Perpetuam Rei Memoriam
1977 Ronald Newman Upon an Instrument
1978 Francis J. O'Leary Airport
1979 Gordon Rodgers During the Campaign
1980 D. Patterson Untitled
1981 Michael J. Stones Sunsets (As Over Bell Island)
1982 Wayne Johnston Chronos
1983 James C. Feltham Popplestone
1984 Philip Gardner Waiting on Christmas Sunday
1985 Bon Fagan Three Children Going up Graveyard Hill
1986 Brian Rusted Footnotes
1987 Joan Sullivan St. Brendan Was Looking for Heaven
1988 Carmelita McGrath In Nitobe Garden
1989 D. J. Eastwood Melted
1990 Peter Gard Bartok 1917
1991 Geraldine Rubia A Mostly One Sided Dialogue
1992 Don Gillis Groups: Changing the Things I Can
1993 Carmelita McGrath Let Us Go and Find a Place of Worship
1994 Agnes Walsh The Time That Passes
1995 Patrick Warner Leaves
1996 Carmelita McGrath Out of Place
1997 Mary Dalton Necessary Fire
1998 Robin McGrath Spy Wednesday in an Innu Camp
1999 Lindsay Preston Wounds
2000 Sandra Cowan La Luna

Poetry (Narrative)

Genre/Genre: Poetry / Poésie,

Year/Année Author/Auteur Winning work/Oeuvre primée
1966 Paul O'Neill Tales of Outport Life
1967 F. Eugene Gattinger Quattrocentennial
1968 Thomas Dawe Dog-Fish Summer
1969 Thomas Dawe Inuk
1970 Thomas Dawe Stranger at Hemlock Cove
1971 Geraldine Rubia He Went Gentle
1972 Thomas Dawe The Madonna
1973 Helen Porter Edith

Poetry (Non-Narrative)

Genre/Genre: Poetry / Poésie,

Year/Année Author/Auteur Winning work/Oeuvre primée
1966 Paul O'Neill Dubrovnik
1967 Grace Butt Storm-Caught
1968 Paul O'Neill Iceland Poppies
1969 Asoke Weersinghe Exile
1970 Grace Butt Over Thirty
1971 Graydon Simser Meditation on Oranges
1972 Mardi Bastow Closing the Playground
1973 Percy Janes The Solitary

Short Fiction (1952-1987, Short Story; 1988-1998, Fictional Prose)

Genre/Genre: Short Story/Nouvelle,

Year/Année Author/Auteur Winning work/Oeuvre primée
1952 F. M. Kennedy The Small Boatman
1953 Muriel S. McKay The Covenant
1954 Geraldine A. Case Aunt Emily Tells a Story
1955 Cassie Brown Black Rock Sunker
1956 Eleanor McKim The Indian Amulet
1957 Margaret Grouchey Journey Home
1958 Sadie Organ The Dead Leaf
1959 Paul West White Fish
1960 Elizabeth Kerr The Blizzard
1961 R. Austin Parsons The Black Card
1962 J. J. Lowe Night Attack
1963 Denys Ferry D. M. P.
1964 John C. Puddester A Liberal Sense of Humour
1965 Helen Porter A Case of Growing Up
1966 Barbara Chalker The Dependable One
1967 Dorothy E. Kelly Our Father
1968 Ron Crocker An August Northeaster
1969 Bernice Morgan Windows
1970 Jean Stacey Waiting for Michael
1971 Thomas Dawe Sculpin
1972 William E. Coady Monday Mourning
1973 Thomas Dawe Watchman
1974 Jean Stacey Just Today
1975 Ann Tough The Barbed Request
1976 Tom Dawe The Apple Tree
1977 C. R. Decker The Welfare Officer Will See You Now
1978 Emily F. Mullett News Time
1979 Alice Story Flowers for Old Yellow Fangs
1980 Paul Bowdring Houseflies
1981 E. R. Malone The Beautification of Jack McGarrety
1982 Nellie Strowbridge Secrets
1983 David S. Artiss The Cat That Walked by Herself
1984 Ed Kavanagh The Pot of Gold
1985 Paul Bowdring The Harold Pinter
1986 Brian Rusted My Sister's Porch
1987 K. A. Winter The Thirteen Cakes of Ralph Carlyle
1988 Carol R. Hobbs The Visit
1989 Carmelita McGrath Waiting for the Wind to Change
1990 Kenneth J. Harvey Swan
1991 Sheilagh Guy Sisters
1992 Libby Creelman Saving Lives
1993 Michael Winter Two Families
1994 Trudy Morgan Prevely in a Secrete Place
1995 Michael Winter The Distance
1996 Michael Winter The Pallbearer's Gloves
1997 Lisa Moore The Closest You Can Get
1998 Marie Morris Like His Father
1999 Susan Rendell In the Chambers of the Sea
2000 Lisa Moore The Way the Light Is

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