Stephen Leacock Medal for Humour


Named as a memorial to Stephen Leacock and his humour and to encourage Canadian writers to produce and publish works of humour, this award is given for the best book of humour published in the preceding year. There is a cash prize and a medal designed by Canadian sculptor, Emmanuel Hahn.

Sponsor/Organisme responsable:
Stephen Leacock Associates
Address/Adresse: P. O. Box 854
Orillia, ON
L3V 6K8

Jurisdiction/Champ d’application:

Genre/Genre: Novel/Roman,Short Story/Nouvelle,

Year/Année Author/Auteur Winning work/Oeuvre primée
1947 Harry L. Symons Ojibway Melody
1948 Paul Hiebert Sarah Binks
1949 Angeline Hango Truthfully Yours
1950 Earle Birney Turvey
1951 Eric Nicol The Roving I
1952 Jan Hilliard The Salt-Box
1953 Lawrence Earl The Battle of Baltinglass
1954 Joan Walker Pardon My Parka
1955 Robertson Davies Leaven of Malice
1956 Eric Nicol Shall We Join the Ladies?
1957 Robert Thomas Allen The Grass Is Never Greener
1958 Eric Nicol Girdle Me a Globe
1959 No Winner N/A
1960 Pierre Berton Just Add Water and Stir
1961 Norman Ward Mice in the Beer
1962 W. O. Mitchell Jake and the Kid
1963 Donald Jack Three Cheers for Me
1964 Harry J. Boyle Homebrew and Patches
1965 Gregory Clark War Stories
1966 George Bain Nursery Rhymes to Be Read Aloud by Young Parents with Old Children
1967 Richard J. Needham Needham's Inferno
1968 Max Ferguson And Now...Here's Max
1969 Stuart Trueman You're Only as Old as You Act
1970 Farley Mowat The Boat Who Wouldn't Float
1971 Robert Thomas Allen Children, Wives and Other Wildlife
1972 Max Braithwaite The Night We Stole the Mounties' Car
1973 Donald Bell Saturday Night at the Bagel Factory
1974 Donald Jack That's Me in the Middle
1975 Morley Torgov A Good Place to Come From
1976 Harry J. Boyle The Luck of the Irish
1977 Ray Guy That Far Greater Bay
1978 Ernest Buckler Whirligig
1979 Sondra Gotlieb True Confections
1980 Donald Jack Me Bandy, You Cissie
1981 Gary Lautens Take My Family - Please
1982 Mervyn J. Huston Gophers Don't Pay Taxes
1983 Morley Torgov The Outside Chance of Maximilian Glick
1984 Gary Lautens No Sex Please - We're Married
1985 Ted Allan Love is a Long Shot
1986 Joey Slinger No Axe too Small to Grind
1987 W. P. Kinsella The Fencepost Chronicles
1988 Paul Quarrington King Leary
1989 Joseph Kertes Winter Tulips
1990 W. O. Mitchell According to Jake and the Kid
1991 Howard White Writing in the Rain
1992 Roch Carrier Prayers of a Very Wise Child
1993 John Levesque Waiting for Aquarius
1994 Bill Richardson Bachelor Brothers' Bed & Breakfast
1995 Josh Freed Fear of Frying and Other Fax of Life
1996 Marsha Boulton Letters from the Country
1997 Arthur Black Black in the Saddle Again
1998 Mordecai Richler Barney's Version
1999 Stuart McLean Home from the Vinyl Cafe
2000 Arthur Black Black Tie and Tales

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