Jewish Book Awards


Awarded for books with a significant Jewish theme or Jewish interest. Prizes are awarded in a number of categories including: biblical/rabbinical scholarship, biography/memoir, Canadian Jewish history, children's/young adult literature, history, Holocaust writing, Jewish feminist literature, literary criticism, novel/short fiction, poetry, scholarship on a Jewish theme, Yiddish, and translation from Yiddish. The names, and genre, of the categories have changed too much over the years to allow representation by category. There is a cash award in each category. [Editor's note: the award became the Canadian Jewish Book Awards in 2001.]

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Koffler Centre of the Arts
Address/Adresse: Programs and Exhibitions Division
4588 Bathurst Street
Toronto, ON
M2R 1W6

Phone/Téléphone: 416-638-1881
Jurisdiction/Champ d’application:

Genre/Genre: Essay/Essai,Juvenile/Jeunesse,Miscellaneous/Divers,Non-fiction/Non romanesque,Novel/Roman,Poetry / Poésie,Short Story/Nouvelle,Translation/Traduction,

Year/Année Author/Auteur Winning work/Oeuvre primée
1989 Michael R. Marrus The Holocaust in History
1989 Szloma Renglich When Paupers Dance
1990 J. J. Steinfeld Forms of Captivity and Escape
1990 Harold Troper Old Wounds
Morton Weinfield
1990 Michael Greenstein Third Solitudes
1990 Simcha Simchovitch Tzaar un Treist
1991 Ibolya Grossman An Ordinary Woman in Extraordinary Times
1991 Miriam Waddington Apartment Seven
1991 Kenneth Sherman Jackson's Point
1991 Martin Lockshin Rabbi Samuel Ben Meir's Commentary of Genesis
1992 Peretz Miransky A Zemer fun Demer
1992 Rachel Fedhay Brenner A. M. Klein
1992 Karolina Jus Our Journey in the Valley of Tears
Andrzei Jus
1992 Simcha Simchovitch Selected Poems
1992 Morley Torgov St. Farb's Day
1992 Gedalia Felder Yasodei Yeshurun
1993 Alan Davies Anti-Semitism in Canada
1993 Eta Fuchs Berk Chosen
Gilbert Allardyce
1993 David Smuschkowitz From Victims to Victors
Peter Silverman
Peter Smuszkowicz
1993 J. J. Schochet Mashiach
1993 Michael R. Marrus Mr. Sam
1993 Sam Simchovitch Stepchild on the Vistula (in Yiddish)
1993 Shel Krakofsky The Reversible Coat
1994 Ariella Samson A Letter to My Father
1994 Eli Rubenstein For You Who Died I Must Live On
1994 Szloma Renglich In the Heart of Warsaw
1994 Seymour Mayne Killing Time
1994 Chaim Nussbaum Semblance and Reality
1994 Gerald Tulchinsky Taking Root
1994 Abraham Boyarsky The Number Hall
1994 Esther Delisle The Traitor and the Jew
1994 Ivan Kalmar The Trotskys, Freuds and Woody Allens
1995 Jack Kuper After the Smoke Cleared
1995 Grunia Slutsky-Khon Don't Look So Sad in the Window
1995 André Stein Hidden Children
1995 Sam Simchovitch Stepchild on the Vistula
1995 Cary Fagan The Animals' Waltz
1995 Lillian Boraks-Nemetz The Old Brown Suitcase
1995 Peter Ormshaw The Purity of Arms
1995 Aaron Levine To Comfort the Bereaved
1996 Shoshana P. Zolty And All Your Children Shall Be Learned
1996 Shel Krakofsky Blind Messiah
1996 Agnes Jelhof Jensen Dilemma
1996 Frieda Forman Found Treasures
Ethel Raicus
Sarah Silberstein Swartz
Margie Wolfe (eds)
1996 Eric Koch Hilmar and Odette
1996 Gary Clement Just Stay Put
1996 Eva Brewster Progeny of Light/Vanished in Darkness
1996 Sheldon J. Godfrey Search Out the Land
Judith C. Godfrey
1996 Walter Buchignani Tell No One Who You Are
1996 Erna Paris The End of Days
1997 Steven Saltzman A Small Glimmer of Hope
1997 Simcha Simchovitch A Song Will Remain
1997 Carol Matas After the War
1997 Manny Drukier Carved in Stone
1997 Anne Michaels Fugitive Pieces
1997 Roger Nash In the Kosher Chow Mein Restaurant
1997 Seymour Mayne Jerusalem
B. Glen Rotchin (eds)
1997 Fraidie Martz Open Your Hearts
1997 Mervin Butovsky Renewing Our Days
Ira Robinson
1997 Felicia Carmelly Shattered
1997 Yves Lavertu The Bernonville Affair
1998 Norman Ravvin A House of Words
1998 Carol Rose Behind the Blue Gate
1998 Roma Karsh Endless
1998 Simcha Simchovitch Funken in Zhar
1998 Rosalie Sharp Growing Up Jewish
Irving Abella
Edwin Goodman (eds)
1998 Isabel Vincent Hitler's Silent Partners
1998 Alan Davies How Silent Were the Churches
Marilyn Nefsky
1998 Elaine Kalman Naves Journey to Vaja
1998 Martin Lockshin Rashbam's Commentary on Exodus
1998 Carol Matas The Garden
1998 Régine Robin The Wanderer
1998 Vera Schiff Theresienstadt
1998 Elizabeth Greene We Who Can Fly
1999 Elizabeth M. Raab And Peace Never Came
1999 Gerald Tulchinsky Branching Out
1999 Robin McGrath Escaped Domestics
1999 Allan Levine Fugitives of the Forest
1999 Irene Watts Good-bye Marianne
1999 Noah N. Shneidman Jerusalem of Lithuania
1999 Nora Gold Marrow and Other Stories
1999 Elyse Goldstein ReVisions
1999 Lilian Nattel The River Midnight
1999 Kenneth Sherman Void and Voice
2000 Adele Reinhartz 'Why Ask My Name'?
2000 Arthur Schaller 100 Cigarettes and a Bottle of Vodka
2000 Seymour Mayne A Rich Garland
B. Glen Rotchin
2000 Bruce Muirhead Against the Odds
2000 Sarah Silberstein Swartz From Memory to Transformation
Margie Wolfe (eds)
2000 Kathy Kacer Gabi's Dresser
2000 Shlomo Zalman Elazer Grafstein Judaism's Bible
2000 Naomi Kramer The Fallacy of Race and the Shoah
Ronald Headland
2000 Nancy Huston The Mark of the Angel
2000 Simcha Simchovitch The Remnant
2000 Malca Janice Litovitz To Light, To Water

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