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The award is given to a children's non-fiction book that arouses interest, stimulates curiosity, captures the imagination, and fosters concern for the world around us. The author and the illustrator of the winning book receive award certificates and share a cash prize.

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Children's Literature Roundtables of Canada
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Genre/Genre: Juvenile/Jeunesse,Non-fiction/Non romanesque,

Year/Année Author/Auteur Winning work/Oeuvre primée
1987 David Suzuki Looking at Insects
Barbara Hehner
1988 Caroline Parry Let's Celebrate!
1989 Terence Dickinson Exploring the Sky by Day
1990 Celia Godkin Wolf Island
1991 Camilla Gryski Hands On, Thumbs Up
Pat Cupples (illus)
1992 Jan Thornhill A Tree in a Forest
1993 Janet Lunn The Story of Canada
Christopher Moore
Alan Daniel (illus)
1994 Linda Granfield Cowboy
1994 Barbara Bondar On the Shuttle
1995 Barbara Greenwood A Pioneer Story
Heather Collins (illus.)
1996 Linda Granfield In Flanders Field
1997 Shelley Tanaka On Board the Titanic
1997 Ken Marschall (illus) On Board the Titanic
1998 Shelley Tanaka The Buried City of Pompeii
Greg Ruhl (illus)
1999 Barbara Greenwood The Last Safe House
Heather Collins (illus.)
2000 Vivien Bowers Wow Canada!
Dan Hobbs (illus)
Diane Eastman (illus)

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