IODE Short Story Contest


Offered by the Ontario Chapter of the IODE, the number and nature of the prizes varied from year to year, but the prizes were offered for short stories written in English by Ontario residents.

Sponsor/Organisme responsable:
Ontario Chapter of the Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire
Jurisdiction/Champ d’application:

Genre/Genre: Short Story/Nouvelle,

Year/Année Author/Auteur Winning work/Oeuvre primée
1948 Irene Steeper Fruit of the Vine
1949 Fred Sloman Silver Fish
1950 Mary Capotosto The Register
1951 S. L. Coupal ?
Gertrude Knapp
Catherine Boyle
1952 Mollie Gillen ?
Alice Hunter
1953 Lorrie McLaughlin A Far Off Light
1953 Vera Fidler Hen on a Nest
1954 Dulce Waller Heart in a Briefcase
1954 Gertrude Cowan Summer Confidence
1955 M. L. Piper Ice Trap
1956 W. J. Cowls ?
1957 Mrs.Robert B. Smith ?
Mrs. Douglas Gosling
1958 Mrs. Grant McKenzie ?
1959 Norman Shannon The Spectator
1960 Elizabeth Bond Leave It to Millie
1961 Muriel Saint MacKay Be Careful Darling
1962 Fleetwood McKean The Dog Wolf of Otter Head
1963 Myra Woods Without a Word of Lie
1964 Mrs. W. P. Murray A Sudden Glory
1964 Mrs. W. A. Harley The Storm
1965 John G. Mackay Out of a Huntsman's Heart
1965 Joan Lyngseth The Waste Sad Time
1966 Mrs. John Caragata The Pied Piper of Dogwood Park
1967 Guy Simser Fate Has a Concave Face
1967 Leighton Pullen The Junior Birdsman
1968 Mrs. H. W., Clarkson The Won't Come Now
1968 Thelma Coleman Wilderness Marriage
1969 Marguerite Fraser All of the Folks at Home
1969 Edith Herold The Tree with the Silkiest Buds
1970 H. R. Percy Afterglow
1970 Pauline Pastachak Semantics
1971 Rita Baker Petrolia
1971 Paula Clary They Must All Be Killed
1972 Pauline Ablett All in a Spring Cleanup
1972 Mrs. W. J. Stauffer Enigma
1973 ? ?
1974 ? ?
1975 Gladys Kippen ?
Angelina Chin

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