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National Magazine Awards/Prix du magazine canadien

Administered by the University of Western Ontario these medals were originally awarded to magazine pieces in each of four categories: poetry, short story (collectively referred to as literary), an article for the general reader published in a Canadian learned journal (scholarly) in English or French, and an article of outstanding excellence published in a Canadian general interest magazine. The awards were not offered in 1974-1976. In 1977 the general interest category was expanded to provide two awards - English and French. In 1981 the literary award was officially phased out although it does not appear that it, or the scholarly award were offered after 1972. The presentation ceremonies were discontinued by the University of Western Ontario and transferred to the annual National Magazine Awards (which see) in 1977. Eventually, the award was absorbed into the National Magazine Awards, and, while there is still a President's Medal, it is no longer connected with the University of Western Ontario. The winners received a cash award and a medal.

Administré par l'Université de Western Ontario, ces médailles ont été initialement attribué à des morceaux magazine dans chacune des quatre catégories: poésie et nouvelle (l'ensemble désigné comme littéraire), un article pour le lecteur générale publié dans un journal canadien a appris (savants) en anglais ou en français, et un article d'une excellence exceptionelle publié dans une revue d'intérêt générale canadien. Les prix ne sont pas offerts en 1974 - 1976. En 1977 la catégorie d'intérêt générale a été élargie afin de fournir deux récompenses -- anglais et français. En 1981 le prix littéraire a été officiellement éliminé mais il ne semble pas que lui, ou l'attribution savant étaient offerts après 1972. Les cérémonies de présentation ont été abondonnées par l'Université de Western Ontario et ont été transferés aux Prix du magazine canadien en 1977. Éventuellement, le prix a été absorbée dans le National Magazine Award, et alors qu'il est encore une médaille du Président, il n'est plus connecté avec l'Université de Western Ontario. Les gagnants ont reçu un prix en argent et une médaille.

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University of Western Ontario
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General Article

Genre/Genre: Essay/Essai,

Year/Année Author/Auteur Winning work/Oeuvre primée
1952 Blair Fraser The Secret Life of MacKenzie King (Maclean's)
1953 Robert Thomas Allen I Am Looking for the Man We Celebrate (Canadian Home Journal)
1954 Bruce Hutchison The Dangerous Luxury of Hating Americans (Maclean's)
1955 William Stephenson There'll Never Be Another Model T (Maclean's)
1956 Ralph Allen The Land of Eternal Change (Maclean's)
1957 Sidney Katz The Seven Who Survived (Maclean's)
1958 Sidney Katz What Kind of Man Was Herbert Norman (Maclean's)
1959 Mordecai Richler Confessions of a Fellow Traveler (Maclean's)
1960 MacKenzie Porter Varley (Maclean's)
1961 Blair Fraser Free Asia's Revolt Against Western Ways (Maclean's)
1962 Barbara Moon The Nuclear Death of a Nuclear Scientist (Maclean's)
1963 Wayne Francis Montreal Poets of the Forties (Canadian Literature)
1964 Peter Gzowski Conversations with Quebec Revolutionaries (Maclean's)
1965 Mollie Gillen The Masseys (Chatelaine)
1966 William French The Cultural Guerillas of Quebec (Globe and Mail Magazine)
1967 David Godfrey Letter from Africa to an American Negro (Tamarack Review)
1968 Hugh Hood It's a Small World (Tamarack Review)
1969 Sylvia Fraser The Thousand-Year Week (Toronto Star)
1970 Christina Newman Mr. Mackasey Goes to Ottawa (Saturday Night)
1971 Michael Macklem A Book a Mile (Tamarack Review)
1972 Michele Landsberg How Trade Unions Let Women Down (Chatelaine)
1973 Peter C. Newman Reflections on a Fall from Grace (Maclean's)

Scholarly Article

Genre/Genre: Essay/Essai,

Year/Année Author/Auteur Winning work/Oeuvre primée
1953 Norman Ward The Formative Years of the Canadian House of Commons (Canadian Journal of Economics and Political Science)
1954 Northrop Frye Towards a Theory of Cultural History (University of Toronto Quarterly)
1955 Emil L. Fackenheim Kant and Radical Evil (University of Toronto Quarterly)
1956 David M. Stanley Kingdom to Church (Theological Studies)
1957 John T. Saywell Chapleau and the Conservative Party in Quebec (Canadian Historical Review)
Blair Neatby
1958 John Edwin Hodgetts The Civil Service and Policy Formation (Canadian Journal of Economics and Political Science)
1959 Pierre Elliott Trudeau Some Obstacles to Democracy in Quebec (Canadian Journal of Economics and Political Science)
1960 A. S. P. Woodhouse Tragic Effect in Samson Agonistes (University of Toronto Quarterly)
1961 Hubert Guindon The Social Evolution of Quebec Reconsidered (Canadian Journal of Economics and Political Science)
1962 F. E. Sparshott The Central Problem of Philosophy (University of Toronto Quarterly)
1963 R. Morton Smith Tradition and Modernization in India (University of Toronto Quarterly)
1964 R. B. Parker Dramaturgy in Shakespeare and Brecht (University of Toronto Quarterly)
1965 Philip Stratford Chalk and Cheese (University of Toronto Quarterly)
1966 Ramsay Cook The Historian and French Canadian Nationalism (Tamarack Review)
1967 F. E. Sparshott Philosophy and the 'Creative Process' (West Coast Review)
1968 Ramsay Cook French Canadian Interpretations of Canadian History (Journal of Canadian Studies)
1969 Andrew Brink Sylvia Plath and the Art of Redemption (Alphabet)
1970 I. A. Silver French Canada and the Prairie Frontier 1870 -1890 (Canadian Historical Review)
1971 J. W. Graham Point of View in the Waves (University of Toronto Quarterly)
1972 Grazia Merler La réalité dans la prose d' Anne Hébert (Écrits du Canada Française)
1973 No winner/Aucun lauréat N/A - S/O

Short Story

Genre/Genre: Short Story/Nouvelle,

Year/Année Author/Auteur Winning work/Oeuvre primée
1952 Farley Mowat Lost in the Barren Lands (Saturday Evening Post)
1953 W. O. Mitchell The Princess and the Wild Ones (Maclean's)
1954 Colin McDougall The Firing Squad (Maclean's)
1955 P. B. Hughes Catherine and the Winter Wheat (Maclean's)
1956 Eva-Lis Wuorio Call off Your Cats (Chatelaine)
1957 Ernest Buckler The Dream and the Triumph (Chatelaine)
1958 Ernest Buckler Anything Can Happen at Christmas (Chatelaine)
1959 Howard O'Hagan Trees Are Lonely Company (Tamarack Review)
1960 Henry Kreisel The Travelling Nude (Prism)
1961 Margaret Laurence A Gourdful of Glory (Tamarack Review)
1962 Margaret Laurence The Tomorrow-Maker (Prism)
1963 Hugh Hood The End of It (Tamarack Review)
1964 Margaret Laurence Mask of Beaten Gold (Tamarack Review)
1965 David Godfrey Gossip (Tamarack Review)
1966 Austin C. Clarke Four Stations to His Circle (Saturday Night)
1967 David Godfrey The Hard-Headed Collector (Tamarack Review)
1968 Clark L. Blaise The Mayor (Tamarack Review)
1969 John Metcalf Tile Estuary (West Coast Review)
1970 Alden Nowlan There Was an Old Woman from Wexford (Prism International)
1971 W. D. Valgardson Bloodflowers (Tamarack Review)
1972 Alden Nowlan Life and Time (Fiddlehead)
1973 Jack Hodgins After the Season (Wascana Review)

Single Poem

Genre/Genre: Poetry / Poésie,

Year/Année Author/Auteur Winning work/Oeuvre primée
1952 Earle Birney North Star West (Canadian Home Journal)
1953 No winner/Aucun lauréat N/A - S/O
1954 Dorothy Livesay Lament (Fiddlehead)
1955 James Reaney The Horn (Queen's Quarterly)
1956 Louis Dudek Keewaydin Poems (Canadian Forum)
1957 Jay Macpherson The Fisherman (Tamarack Review)
1958 James Reaney The April and May Eclogues (Tamarack Review)
1959 Francis Edward Sparshott By the Canal (Tamarack Review)
1960 No winner/Aucun lauréat N/A - S/O
1961 Irving Layton Keine Lazarovitch (Tamarack Review)
1962 Wilfred Watson The Necklace (Prism)
1963 Elios Mandel On the Death of Dr. Tom Dooley (Queen's Quarterly)
1964 Alfred Purdy The Country North of Belleville (Tamarack Review)
1965 Richard Emil Braun Niagara (Prism)
1966 Margaret Atwood The Settlers (Prism)
1967 Raymond Souster The Farm out the Sydenham Road (Tamarack Review)
1968 Michael Ondaatje Paris (Tamarack Review)
1969 Joan Finnegan Death of a Psychiatrist (Prism International)
1970 Glen Siebrasse The Human Being Who Wished Her Were a Flag (Fiddlehead)
1971 Paulette Jiles A Letter to Grandad on the occasion of a letter from my mother saying grandad is too infirm to feed the cows and is not long for this world (Tamarack Review)
1972 Don Gutteridge Death at Quebec (Quarry)
1973 No winner/Aucun lauréat N/A - S/O

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