University of Alberta National Awards


The University of Alberta offered an award to persons who had made a significant contribution to the development of letters, visual arts, and performing arts in Canada. The awards recognized not only artistic talent, but also public service in the development of the arts. Beginning in 1961, the awards were reduced to one a year, in any one of the three categories, normally on a rotating basis (i.e., each field came up for an award every third year). It was awarded in conjunction with the Scholarship Night of the Banff School of Fine Arts. Only the winners of the letters category are listed here. In 1980, the Banff Centre for the Arts continued the awards as the Banff Centre National Arts Award (which see). The awards were in the form of a gold medal.

Sponsor/Organisme responsable:
University of Alberta
Banff School of Fine Arts
Jurisdiction/Champ d’application:

Genre/Genre: Body of Work / Oeuvre de toute une vie,

Year/Année Author/Auteur Winning work/Oeuvre primée
1951 Mazo de la Roche N/A
1952 E. J. Pratt N/A
1953 Marius Barbeau N/A
1954 Bernard Keble Sandwell N/A
1955 Lorne Pierce N/A
1956 Roderick Haig-Brown N/A
1957 Donald Grant Creighton N/A
1958 Francis Reginald Scott N/A
1959 No Winner N/A
1960 Hugh MacLennan N/A
1962 W. G. Hardy N/A
1965 Will R. Bird N/A
1968 Bruce Hutchison N/A
1971 Jack McClelland N/A
1974 James Reaney N/A
1977 Thomas H. Raddall N/A

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