University of British Columbia Canadian Biography Award


Also called the University of British Columbia Medal for Canadian Biography, it is awarded for the best biography written either about or by a Canadian. The prize is in the form of a medal.

Sponsor/Organisme responsable:
University of British Columbia
Address/Adresse: Office of the President
University of British Columbia
6328 Memorial Road
Vancouver, BC
V6T 1Z2

Phone/Téléphone: 604-822-8300
Fax/Télécopieur: 604-822-5055
Jurisdiction/Champ d’application:

Genre/Genre: Non-fiction/Non romanesque,

Year/Année Author/Auteur Winning work/Oeuvre primée
1952 Josephine Phelan The Ardent Exile
1953 Bruce Hutchison The Incredible Canadian
1954 Grace MacInnis J. S. Woodsworth
1955 Robert Tyre Saddlebag Surgeon
1956 Donald G. Creighton John A. Macdonald
1957 William Kilbourn The Firebrand
1958 Elizabeth Wallace Goldwin Smith
1959 Robert M. Dawson William Lyon Mackenzie King
1960 J. M. S. Careless Brown of the Globe
1961 Dale Thomson Alexander Mackenzie
1962 No Winner N/A
1963 William H. Graham The Tiger of Canada West
1964 John M. Gray Lord Selkirk of Red River
1965 Phyllis Grosskurth John Addington Symonds
1966 Joseph Shull Laurier
1967 Donald J. Goodspeed Ludendorff
1968 Neil McKenty Mitch Hepburn
1969 No Winner N/A
1970 William Rodney Kootenai Brown
1971 James H. Gray The Boy from Winnipeg
1972 George Woodcock Ghandi
1973 Douglas O. Spettigue F.P.G.
1973 Denis Smith Gentle Patriot
1974 Lena Newman The John A. Macdonald Album
1975 George Woodcock Gabriel Dumont
1975 Margaret Prang N.W. Rowell
1976 James Minifee Expatriate
1977 David R. Williams The Man for a New Country
1978 Michael Bliss A Canadian Millionaire
1979 Thomas Flanagan Louis David Riel
1980 Richard Gwyn The Northern Magus
1981 Elspeth Cameron Hugh MacLennan
1982 Betty Keller Pauline
1983 Jeffery Williams Byng of Vimy
1984 David G. Pitt E.J. Pratt
1985 Frances G. Halpenny Dictionary of Canadian Biography (vol VIII, 1851-60)
1986 Claude Bissell The Imperial Canadian
1987 Paula Blanchard The Life of Emily Carr
1988 No Winner N/A
1989 Otto Friedrich Glenn Gould
1990 No Winner N/A
1991 Ann Davis Somewhere Waiting
1992 Irene Howard The Struggle for Social Justice in BC
1993 J. L. Granatstein The Generals
1994 Donald Akenson Conor
1995 Denis Smith Rogue Tory
1995 Rosemary Sullivan Shadow Maker
1996 Ira Nadel Various Positions
1997 Phyllis Grosskurth Byron
1997 Eileen Whitfield Pickford
1998 Michael Ignatieff Isaiah Berlin
1999 Wayne Johnston Baltimore's Mansion
2000 A. B. McKillop The Spinster and the Prophet

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