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Recognizes excellence in writing across the full range of work produced in the Guild's jurisdiction - feature films, movies-of-the-week, dramatic series, children's and youth programing, documentaries, comedy and radio drama. Awards are based on written material. There is a cash award and a trophy.

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Year/Année Author/Auteur Winning work/Oeuvre primée
1997 Janis Cole Dangerous Offender
1997 Wilson Coneybeare Kratts' Creatures
1997 Pete White Legend of the Ruby Silver
1997 Dennis Foon Little Criminals
1997 Susin Nielsen Madison
1997 Andrew Rai Berzins Straight Up
1997 Ed Riche The Great Eastern
Mack Furlong
Steve Palmer
1997 Ken Finkleman The Newsroom
1997 Margaret Hollingsworth The Prince and Rita MacNeil
1997 Mary Walsh This Hour Has 22 Minutes
Cathy Jones
Rick Mercer
Greg Thomey
Paul Bellini
Alan Resnick
Ed MacDonald
1998 David Adams Richards For Those Who Hunt the Wounded Down
1998 Barry Stevens Gerrie and Louise
Steven Silver
1998 Ken Finkleman Meltdown Part III (The Newsroom)
1998 Pete White Peacekeepers
1998 Keith Ross Leckie The Arrow
1998 Howard Spielman The Bounty Hunter (Dead Man's Gun)
Ed Spielman
John Hunter
1998 Elizabeth Stewart The Case of the Maestro's Ghost (The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes)
1998 Atom Egoyan The Sweet Hereafter
1998 Hart Hanson Us and Them (Traders)
1998 Robert Duncan V6A 1N6
1999 Linda Svendsen At the End of the Day
1999 Steve Lucas Making It (The New Ice Age -- A Year in the Life of the NHL)
1999 Don McKellar My Pet, My Hero (Twitch City)
1999 Mark Farrell New Year's Eve Special (This Hour Has 22 Minutes)
Christopher Finn
Cathy Jones
Edward Kay
Rick Mercer
Tim Steeves
Greg Thomey
Mary Walsh
1999 David Adams Richards Nights Below Station Street
1999 Jeremy Hole Paradise Lost (Emily of New Moon)
1999 Chris Haddock Quality of Mercy (Da Vinci's Inquest)
Leonel Luna
1999 Ken Finkleman Symbols (More Tears)
1999 Paul Aitken The Falcon and the Showman (Traders)
1999 Rob Mills Tom Thumb (Ruffus the Dog)
2000 Ken Finkleman Breathless (Foolish Heart)
2000 David Gow Cherry Docs
2000 Mark Farrell Connect the Dots (Made in Canada)
2000 Ed MacDonald Damacles Directs (Made in Canada)
2000 Heather Conkie Degas and the Dancer (The Artists Specials)
2000 Tim Burns Jacob Two Two Meets the Hooded Fang
2000 Paul Quarrington Manipulation (Power Play)
2000 Istvan Szabo Sunshine
Israel Horovitz
2000 Naren Shankar The Human Operators (Outer Limits)
2000 Chris Haddock Tommy's on the Corner (Da Vinci's Inquest)
Alan Di Fiore
Esta Spalding

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