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The Fiddlehead Poetry & Fiction Contest began in 1991 with Writing Wilderness, and continued with various themes until it was changed to an open theme contest in 1998. At that time the awards were split into a fiction and a poetry category. The poetry category was named the Ralph Gustafson Prize for Poetry. A non-fiction award was offered in 1991 only. There is a cash prize for each category.

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Genre/Genre: Short Story/Nouvelle,

Year/Année Author/Auteur Winning work/Oeuvre primée
1991 Bryan Young A Dark Night
1992 Kathryn Woodward Breeding True
1993 Hannah Landecker Granny and the Choko
1994 Rick Maddocks Nora's Theory of Relativity
1995 Julie Roorda The Proper Attire
1996 Michael Byrnes Hockey
1997 Faith Jones Twelve Lectures and a Test
1998 Jane Finlayson Two Times Soup
1999 Madeleine Thien House
2000 Kelly Cooper Judith River


Genre/Genre: Essay/Essai,

Year/Année Author/Auteur Winning work/Oeuvre primée
1991 Peri McQuary On a Morning so Beautiful...
1991 Martin Murie Walking Out of Wilderness

Ralph Gustafson Prize for Poetry

Genre/Genre: Poetry / Poésie,

Year/Année Author/Auteur Winning work/Oeuvre primée
1991 James Aitchison Awakening the Trees
1992 Kelley Jo Burke House Hunting/House Dreams
1993 Roger Nash In the Kosher Chow Mein Restaurant
1994 Anna Mioduchowska If We Are to Believe
1995 Terence Young Style
1996 Chris Chambers God Save the Greatest Underwater Swimmers
1997 E. Alex Pierce Shelter
1998 Marlene Cookshaw Kouros
1999 Eric Miller Untimeliness
2000 James Arthur Thanksgiving

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