John W. Dafoe Foundation Award


Awarded to a publication for distinguished writing that contributes to the understanding of Canada and/or its place in the world. Established in memory of John W. Dafoe, editor of the Winnipeg Free Press from 1901 to 1944. There is a cash prize.

Sponsor/Organisme responsable:
J. W. Dafoe Foundation
Address/Adresse: Jim Fergusson, Honorary Secretary
The J.W. Dafoe Foundation
Department of Political Studies
351 University College
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, MB
R3T 2M8

Phone/Téléphone: 204-474-6606
Fax/Télécopieur: 204-474-7642
Jurisdiction/Champ d’application:

Genre/Genre: Non-fiction/Non romanesque,

Year/Année Author/Auteur Winning work/Oeuvre primée
1984 Denis Whitaker Tug of War
Shelagh Whitaker
1985 No Winner N/A
1986 David John Hall Clifford Sifton, v. 2
1987 Douglas Francis Frank H. Underhill
1988 John M. Bumstead Land Settlement and Politics in 18th Century Prince Edward Island
1989 Denis Smith Diplomacy of Fear
1990 Brian Loring Villa Unauthorized Action
1991 Robert Perin Rome in Canada
1992 Robin Fisher Duff Patullo of British Columbia
1993 John English The Life of Lester Pearson, v. 2
1994 J. L. Granatstein The Generals
1995 Christina McCall Trudeau and Our Times, v. 2
Stephen Clarkson
1996 Denis Smith Rogue Tory
1997 James Miller Shingwauk's Vision
1998 Brian Hutchinson Fools' Gold
1999 David Frank J. B. McLachlan
2000 Gordon Robertson Memoirs of a Very Civil Servant

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