The Floyd S. Chalmers Canadian Play Awards/Prix Floyd S. Chalmers pour les pièces de théâtre canadiennes


Alternate Title/Autre Titre:
Prix Floyd S. Chalmers pour les pièces de théâtre canadiennes/Floyd S. Chalmers Canadian Play Awards

The awards are funded through an endowment given by the Chalmers family and administered by the Ontario Arts Council Foundation. They are given to the playwrights of outstanding Canadian plays that have received their Metropolitan Toronto premiere in the previous year. There is a cash award.

Le prix est financé grâce à un don de la famille Chalmers et il est administré par la Fondation du Conseil des arts de l'Ontario. Il est attribué aux dramaturges canadiens dont la première de la pièce a été jouée l'année précédente dans la métropole de Toronto. Le prix est remis en argent.

Sponsor/Organisme responsable:
Ontario Arts Council Foundation/Conseil des arts de l’Ontario
The Chalmers Family/La Famille Chalmers
151 Bloor St. W
5th Floor
Toronto, ON
M5S 1T6

Phone/Téléphone: 416-961-1660 1-800-387-0058 (in Ontario)
Fax/Télécopieur: 416-969-7447
Jurisdiction/Champ d’application:

Genre/Genre: Drama/Théâtre,

Year/Année Author/Auteur Winning work/Oeuvre primée
1973 David Freeman Creeps
1974 David French Of the Fields, Lately
1975 James Reaney St. Nicholas Hotel
1976 John Herbert Fortune and Men's Eyes
1977 W. O. Mitchell Back to Beulah
1977 Larry Fineberg Eve
1978 Rick Salutin Les Canadiens
1979 Roland Lepage Le Temps d'une vie
1980 David Fennario Balconville
1980 John Gray Billy Bishop
1980 David French Jitters
1980 Antonine Maillet La Sagouine
1980 John Murrell Waiting for the Parade
1981 George Luscombe Ain't Lookin'
John Craig
1981 Erika Ritter Automatic Pilot
1981 Neil Munro E. C. U.
1981 Mac Reynolds Mac Paps
Larry Cox
George Luscombe
1982 Allan Stratton Rexy!
1982 Charles Tidler Straight Ahead/Blind Dancers
1982 George Walker Theatre of the Film Noir
1983 Joe Lazarus Dreaming and Duelling
John Lazarus
1983 Anne Chislett Quiet in the Land
1983 Tom Walmsley White Boys
1984 Jean-Pierre Plante Brew
Claude Meunier
Marc Messier
Michel Côté
Francine Ruel
Louis Sala
Marcel Gauthier
1984 Margaret Hollingsworth Ever Loving
1984 Betty Lambert Jennie's Story
1984 Sherman Snukal Talking Dirty
1985 George F. Walker Criminals in Love
1985 Sharon Pollock Doc
1985 John Krizanc Prague
1985 David French Salt Water Moon
1986 Michel Tremblay Albertine in Five Times
1986 Michael Mercer Goodnight Disgrace
1986 Michael Hollingsworth History of the Village of Small Huts
1986 Allan Stratton Papers
1987 John Murrell Farther West
1987 Linda Griffiths Jessica
1987 Tomson Highway The Rez Sisters
1987 Don Hannah The Wedding Script
1988 Tom Wood B Movie, the Play
1988 Robert Fothergill Detaining Mr. Trotsky
1988 Judith Thompson I Am Yours
1988 Ralph Burdman Tête à tête
1989 Paul Ledoux Fire
David Young
1989 Ann-Marie MacDonald Goodnight Desdemona, Good Morning Juliet
1989 Michel Tremblay Le Vrai Monde?
1989 George F. Walker Nothing Sacred
1990 Tomson Highway Dry Lips Oughta Move to Kapuskasing
1990 George F. Walker Love and Anger
1990 Sally Clark Moo
1990 John Krizanc The Half of It
1991 Michel Tremblay La Maison suspendue
1991 Judith Thompson Lion in the Streets
1991 Robert Lepage Polygraphe
Marie Brassard
1991 Brad Fraser Unidentified Human Remains and The True Nature of Love
1992 John Mighton A Short History of Night
1992 Daniel MacIvor House
1992 Michel Marc Bouchard Lillies
Linda Gaboriau (tr)
1992 Guillermo Verdecchia The Noam Chomsky Lectures
Daniel Brooks
1993 George F. Walker Escape from Happiness
1993 Joan MacLeod The Hope Slide
1993 Jason Sherman The League of Nathans
1993 Linda Gaboriau (tr) The Queens
Normand Chaurette
1994 Alisa Palmer A Play About the Mothers of Plaza De Mayo
1994 Guillermo Verdecchia Fronteras Americanas
1994 Hillar Liitoja The Last Supper
1994 Michael Hollingsworth The Life and Times of MacKenzie King
1995 Geoff Kavanagh Ditch
1995 Robert Lepage Needles and Opium
1995 Ken Garnhum Pants on Fire
1995 Diane Cave The Alistair Trilogy
Nadia Ross
1996 Brad Fraser Poor Super Man
1996 Andrew Moodie Riot
1996 John Murrell The Faraway Nearby
1996 Timothy Findley The Stillborn Lover
1997 Ted Dykstra 2 Pianos, 4 Hands
Richard Greenblatt
1997 Guillermo Verdecchia A Line in the Sand
Marcus Youssef
1997 Daniel MacIvor Here Lies Henry
Daniel Brooks
1997 Don Druick Where is Kabuki?
1998 Djanet Sears Harlem Duet
1998 George F. Walker Problem Child
1998 David Rubinoff Stuck
1998 Carole Fréchette The Four Lives of Marie
1999 Jason Sherman Patience
1999 Martha Ross The Betrayal
Maggie Huculak
Michael Simpson
Leah Cherniak
Robert Morgan
Oliver Dennis
1999 George F. Walker The End of Civilization
1999 Michel Marc Bouchard The Orphan Muses
2000 Linda Griffiths Alien Creatures
2000 Michel Tremblay Encore une fois, si vous permettez
2000 Ronnie Burkett Street of Blood
2000 Michael Healey The Drawer Boy

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