Floyd S. Chalmers Award in Ontario History


The award is given for the best book written on any aspect of Ontario history published in the calendar year. The winning author receives a cash prize and a piece of Inuit sculpture.

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Champlain Society
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International / International

Genre/Genre: Non-fiction/Non romanesque,

Year/Année Author/Auteur Winning work/Oeuvre primée
1983 Gerald Killan David Boyle
1984 Donald H. Akenson The Irish in Ontario
1985 Kenneth J. Rea The Prosperous Years
1986 Charles M. Johnston E. C. Drury
1987 Ian Radforth Bushworkers and Bosses
1988 Bruce S. Elliot Irish Immigrants in the Canadas
1989 Philip Marchand Marshall McLuhan
1990 R. D. Gidney Inventing Secondary Education
W. P. J. Millar
1991 John T. Saywell Just Call Me Mitch
1991 Marianne McLean The People of Glengarry
1992 Franca Iacovetta Such Hardworking People
1993 Douglas McCalla Planting the Province
1994 R. D. Gidney Professional Gentlemen
W. P. J. Millar
1995 Patricia Jasen Wild Things
1996 Lynne Marks Revivals and Roller Rinks
1997 Keith Walden Becoming Modern in Toronto
1998 Margaret Jane Hillyard Little 'No Car, No Radio, No Liquor Permit'
1999 Charlotte Gray Sisters in the Wilderness
2000 James T. H. Connor Doing Good

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