Cruikshank Medals


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Riddell Award

The medals were struck in memory of the services rendered to the Ontario Historical Society by Brigadier-General E. A. Cruikshank and were administered by the Society. Awards were originally given in two categories: historical writing in Ontario History and Founders for service to the Society. There were two prizes for the best article in Ontario History: by a professional historian and by a non-professional. This changed when it became difficult to separate professionals from non-professionals. Originally the award was a silver medal, but this was replaced by a certificate. Only the winners for historical writing are listed. In 1980 the Society's award system was changed and the writing award was continued by the Riddell Award (which see).

Sponsor/Organisme responsable:
Ontario Historical Society
Jurisdiction/Champ d’application:

Genre/Genre: Essay/Essai,

Year/Année Author/Auteur Winning work/Oeuvre primée
1967 J. Keith Johnson Colonel James FitzGibbon and the Suppression of Irish Riots in Upper Canada
1967 James K. Lewis Religious Nature of the Early Negro Migration to Canada and the Amhurstburg Association
1968 John Ireland Andrew Drew: the Man Who Burned the Caroline
1968 Bruce W. Hodgins Democracy and the Ontario Fathers of Confederation
1969 Hereward Senior The Genesis of Canadian Orangeism
1970 T. W. Acheson John Baldwin: Portrait of a Colonial Entrepreneur
1970 Paul Baldwin The Political Power of Colonel Thomas Talbot
1971 Peter N. Oliver Howard Ferguson, the Timber Scandal and the Leadership of the Ontario Conservative Party
1971 John Ireland John H. Dunn and The Bankers
1972 Frank B. Risteen Children of Sir John Johnson and Lady Mary (Polly) Johnson, Married at New York June 30, 1773
1972 Leo A. Johnson Land Policy, Population Growth and Social Structure in the Home District, 1793-1851
1973 J. Jerald Bellamo Upper Canada Attitudes Towards Crime and Punishment
1974 R. D. Gidney Elementary Education in Upper Canada: A Reassessment
1974 Wendy Cameron The Petworth Emigration Committee: Lord Egremont's Assisted Emigrations from Sussex to Upper Canada, 1832-1837
1975 Winnifred P. J. Millar George P. M. Ball: A Rural Businessman in Upper Canada
1975 Donald R. Beer Sir Allan MacNab and the Sydenham-Russell Regime
1976 Marion V. Royce Arguments Over the Education of Girls - Their Admission to Grammar Schools in this Province
1976 Allan Greer The Sunday Schools of Upper Canada
1977 T. R. Morrison 'Their Proper Sphere' Feminism, the Family and Child-Centred Social Reform in Ontario, 1875-1900
1977 James A. Eadie The Napanee Mechanics' Institutes: the Nineteenth Century Ontario Mechanics' Institutes Movement in Microcosm
1978 Duart Snow The Holmes Foundry Strike of March, 1937: 'We'll give their jobs to White Men'
1979 John S. Long Education in the James Bay Region During the Horden Years

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