Confederation Poets Prize


Awarded to the author of the best poem to have been published in the previous calendar year by Arc: Canada's National Poetry Magazine. There is a cash award.

Sponsor/Organisme responsable:
ARC Poetry Society
PO Box 81060
Ottawa, ON
K1P 1B1

Phone/Téléphone: 613-241-3029
Fax/Télécopieur: 613-744-2967
Jurisdiction/Champ d’application:

Genre/Genre: Poetry / Poésie,

Year/Année Author/Auteur Winning work/Oeuvre primée
1991 Harold Rhenisch Talking with the Wind
1992 Elisabeth Harvor Bloom, Rain
1993 Elisabeth Harvor Do You Live Alone?
1994 Erin Mouré Halls
1995 Barry Dempster Unconditional Love
1996 Mary di Michele selections from Crown of Roses
1997 Roger Nash Circumstantial Evidence of the Visitation of Angels
1998 Gregory Scofield He Is
1999 Wayne Tompkins Hidden Register
2000 Elizabeth Brewster On Reincarnation

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