Barlow Memorial Medal/Médaille Commémorative Barlow


Alternate Title/Autre Titre:
Médaille Commémorative Barlow/Barlow Memorial Medal

Established as a memorial to Alfred Ernest Barlow who was distinguished for his contributions to knowledge of Precambrian geology. The prize is given for best paper on economic geology published by the Institute in any year. The winners receive a silver medal and a cash prize.

Établi à la mémoire d'Alfred Ernest Barlow qui se distingua pour sa contribution envers la connaissance de la géologie précambrienne, le prix est décerné au meilleur écrit sur la géologie économique publié par l'institut durant l'année. Les gagnants recevront une médaille d'argent, ainsi qu'une bourse en argent.

Sponsor/Organisme responsable:
Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy & Petroleum/Institut canadien des mines, de la métallurgie et du pétrole
#1250, 3400 boul de Maisonneuve Ouest
Montreal, PQ
H3Z 3C1

Phone/Téléphone: 514-939-2710
Fax/Télécopieur: 514-939-2714
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Genre/Genre: Non-fiction/Non romanesque,

Year/Année Author/Auteur Winning work/Oeuvre primée
1926 G. S. Hume Carbon Ratios of Coal as an Index of Oil and Gas Prospects in Western Canada
1927 F. W. Gray Mining Coal Under the Sea in Nova Scotia
1928 No winner/Aucun lauréat N/A - S/O
1929 V. Corless The Frood Ore Deposit
1930 B. R. MacKay Stratigraphy and Structure of the Bituminous Coalfields in the Vicinity of Jasper Park, AB
1931 A. K. Snelgrove Geology and Ore Deposits of Betts Cove, Tilt Cove Area, NF
1932 J. E. Hawley The Siscoe Gold Deposit
1933 L. Telfer Phosphate in the Canadian Rockies
1934 Peter Prie The Geology and Ore Deposits of the Horne Mine, Noranda, PQ
1935 G. M. Brownell The Flin Flon Mine, Geology and Paragenesis of the Ore Deposit
A. R. Kinkel, Jr.
1936 W. T. Robson Lake Shore Geology
1937 H. C. Gunning Cadillac-Malartic Area, PQ
1938 Courtney E. Cleveland Geology of the Bralorne and Pioneer Mines
Staff of Pioneer Mines
1939 J. E. Gill Expansion of the Quebec Mining Industry
1939 J. F. Henderson Relation of Gold Deposits to Structure, Yellowknife and Gordon Lake Areas, NWT
A. W. Jolliffe
1940 Harold Hopkins Faulting at the Wright-Hargreaves Mine
1941 Paul Billingsley The Ore Deposits of Nickel Plate Mountain, Hedley, BC
Chamberlain B. Hume
1942 No winner/Aucun lauréat N/A - S/O
1943 John D. Bateman The Bird River Chromite Deposits, MB
1944 C. H. Stockwell Chromite Deposits of the Eastern Townships, PQ
1945 Victor Dolmage Contact Metamorphism at Nickel Plate Mountain, Hedley, BC
C. E. Gordon Brown
1946 Stanley Davidson Structural Aspects of the Geology at the Falconbridge Nickel Mine
1947 Neil Campbell The West Bay Fault, Yellowknife
1948 Arthur B. Yates Properties of the International Nickel Company of Canada, Ltd.
1949 Clarence O. Swanson A Perspective on Mining Geology
1949 Theodore A. Link Oil and Gas Possibilities in Western Canada
1950 J. F. Henderson Structure of the Yellowknife Greenstone Belt, NWT
I. C. Brown
1951 T. Binnert Haites Some Geological Aspects of the Sydney Coalfield with Reference to the Influence on Mining Operations
1952 James B. Mawdsley Uraninite-Bearing Deposits, Charlebois Lake Area, Northeastern Saskatchewan
1953 John Rattray Ower The Subsurface Stratigraphy of Southwestern Manitoba
1954 Nordau R. Goodman The Geology of Nova Scotia Gypsum
1955 G. D. Ruttan Geology of Lynn Lake
1956 J. G. C. M. Fuller Mississippian Rocks in Southeastern Saskatchewan
1957 William Harrison White The Geology and Mineral Deposits of Highland Valley, BC
Kenneth C. McTaggart
Robert M. Thompson
1958 Helen R. Belyea Distribution and Lithology of Organic Carbonate Unit of Upper Fairholme Group, AB
1959 H. D. B. Wilson The Composition of Canadian Sulphide Ore Deposits
D. T. Anderson
1960 W. I. Brown The Geology of the Geco Mine
R. C. E. Bray
1961 John B. Stubbins Origin of the Soft Iron Ores of the Knob Lake Range
Roger A. Blais
I. Stephen Zajac
1962 E. A. Swanson Geology of the Buchans Orebodies
R. L. Brown
1963 H. F. Zurbrigg Thompson Mine Geology
1964 J. F. Davies Mineral Deposits Related to Major Structures in the Precambrian of Manitoba
1965 J. I. Sharpe Field Relations of Mattagami Sulphide Masses Bearing on their Disposition in Time and Space
1966 R. W. Boyle Mineralogy, Geochemistry and Origin of the Magnet Cove Barite-Sulphide Deposit, Walton, NS
J. L. Jambor
1967 D. P. Gold Economic Geology and Geophysics of the Oka Alkaline Complex, PQ
M. Vallée
J.-P. Charett
1968 S. A. Jackson Pine Point
F. W. Beales
1969 E. T. Kimura Geology of the Endako Molybedum Deposit
A. D. Drummond
1970 David S. Robertson Sedimentary Uranium Deposits
Richard F. Douglas
1971 R. W. Hutchinson Metallogenic Relationships in the Abitibi Belt, Canada
R. H. Ridler
G. G. Suffel
1972 C. S. Ney Discovery, Geological Setting and Style of Mineralization, Sam Goosly Deposit, BC
J. M. Anderson
A. Panteleyev
1973 Anthony J. Naldett Nickel Sulphide Deposits
1974 D. J. T. Carson Mineralogy, Zonal Relationships and Economic Significance of Hydrothermal Alteration at Porphyry Copper Deposits, Babine Lake Area, BC
J. L. Jambor
1975 No winner/Aucun lauréat N/A - S/O
1976 D. R. Pyke On the Relationship Between Gold Mineralization and Ultramafic Volcanic Rocks in the Timmins Area, Northeastern Ontario
1977 G. D. J. Boldy (Un)Certain Exploration Facts from Figures
1978 Roger H. Wallis Geological Implications of Regional Stream-Sediment Geochemical Data from South-Central BC
J. J. Grummer
Christopher H. Gleeson
1979 Richard W. Hutchinson Evidence of Exhalative Origin for Tasmanian Tin Deposits
1980 R. A. Frith Tectonic Setting and Sulphide Deposits of the Hackett River Belt, Slave Province
S. M. Roscoe
1981 P. J. MacGeehan Exploration Significance of the Emplacement and Genesis of Massive Sulphides in the Main Zone at the Norita Mine, Matagami, PQ
W. H. MacLean
André Bonenfant
1982 R. W. Boyle Geochemical Methods for the Discovery of Blind Mineral Deposits
1983 N. Saracoglu The McClean Uranium Deposits, Northern Saskatchewan
R. H. Wallis
J. J. Brummer
J. P. Golightly
1984 N. Saracoglu The Geology of the McClean Uranium Deposits, Northern Saskatchewan
R. H. Wallis
J. J. Brummer
J. P. Golightly
1985 Derek H. C. Wilton REE and Background Au/Ag Evidence Concerning the Origin of Hydrothermal Fluids in the Cape Ray Electrum Deposits, Southwestern Newfoundland
1986 Jean-Pierre Fouques Le gisement d'uranium de Cigar Lake
Michael G. Fowler
H. D. Knipping
Karl Schimann
1987 C. F. Gleeson Humus and Till Geochemistry Over the Doyon, Bousquet and Williams Gold Deposits
Dennis G. Sheehan
1988 Patrick P. O'Neill The Isle aux Morts Prospects
David F. Strong
1989 M. J. Gole The Geology of the Agnew Nickel Deposit, Western Australia
S. J. Barnes
R. E. T. Hill
1990 Craig H. B. Leitch Bralorne
1991 H. Scott Swinden Paleotectonic Settings of Volcanogenic Massive Sulphide Deposits in the Dunnage Zone, Newfoundland Appalachians
1992 L. J. Hubert Sedimentary Nickel, Zinc and Platinum-Group Element Mineralization in Devonian Black Shales at the Nick Property, Yukon, Canada
R. C. Carn
D. C. Grégoire
D. Paktunc
1993 David Peck Geological Environments for PGE-Cu-Ni Mineralization in the East Bull Lake Gabbro Anorthosite Intrusion, Ontario
Richard James
Peter Chubb
1994 J. Guha Cheminées de sulfures massifs atypique du gisement d'Isle-Dieu, Matagami, Québec
R. Daignault
A. J. Bonenfant
G. Lavallière
1995 D. R. Boyle Geochemistry and Genesis of the Murray Brook Precious Metal Gossan Deposit, Bathurst Mining Camp, NB
1996 D. Gaboury An Archean Volcanic-Related Gold-Sulfide-Quartz Vein Orebody
R. Daigneault
G. Tourigny
C. Gobeil
1997 D. H. Rousell The Tectonic, Magmatic and Mineralization History of the Sudbury Structure
H. L. Gibson
I. R. Jonasson
1998 D. H. Rousell The Tectonic, Magmatic and Mineralization History of the Sudbury Structure
H. L. Gibson
I. R. Jonasson
1999 No winner/Aucun lauréat N/A - S/O
2000 No winner/Aucun lauréat N/A - S/O

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